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Petrography ++++++++ The Age Of Stone In Art

Macroscopically Prepared - Microscopically Analyzed - Painted With The Brush


The artist Dieter Schönberg connects culture, science and art in his exhibition “Petrography – The Age of Stone in Art”. Inspired by rocks, the splendid colors of their mineralogically hardened form and magical sceneries, he composes a striking world of colors and forms on canvas, opening up a new world of perspectives to the viewer.


A Worthwhile Trip

Rocks have a rich and diverse history. Often grey and unassuming, they are witnesses to a past removed from us. How did they end up becoming objects of Schönberg’s paintings?

It runs in the family. Torsten Schönberg, the artist’s son and himself a geologist, cut out, prepared and analyzed stone samples. Their microscopic design inspired his father to create extraordinary pieces of art that led to a new phase of creative works. Schönberg’s petrographic paintings allowed him to turn science into art, and art into creative images of science. This is entirely in keeping with his motto, portraying nature artistically while learning to understand in the process.


The Exhibit

The exhibit is a paintwork composition of watercolor and oil and of photography and video installation. The scenic interpretation of nature is juxtaposed with hard rocks. By using photographic and video installation media, art is embedded in its natural surroundings. Thematic posters enable viewers, whether young or old, to embrace the entire context, while connecting geology with mineralogy and art.

Journey with us and relish an art form born from the hidden crust and mantle of the earth.


The Artist

Dieter Schönberg was born in Eltmannshausen, Hesse (Germany) on July 22, 1948. By the 70’s, he had already started experimenting with oil painting. From 1983 to 1986, he completed his correspondence studies at the Paris Art School in Hamburg, Germany. During the past few years, he has been taking several study trips to Vienna, Austria. His previous works have been widely attributed to the schools of Realism and Surrealism.


A Concept Without Limits

In their first exhibit together, the father and son duo transport the viewer to the banks of the Thaya River in Lower Austria, Austria and to the blue peaks of the Eschwege Basin in Hesse, Germany.

A journey from the mystic Waldviertel to the fairytale Werraland – this innovative art project could arguably describe any place, at any period in any corner of the globe – whether a national park, a river landscape, agricultural regions, cities or villages, geology and mineralogy are parts of all our lives. Come discover the Age of Stone in Art with us.


Marketing Tool

“The Age of Stone in Art” petrography concept allows companies, tourism agencies and museums the opportunity to present their products, regions and exhibitions in a somewhat “different scope”. Discover the artistic and geological-mineralogical components and impress your customers with new, innovative concepts.


The Geologist

Torsten Schönberg was born on September 27, 1969 in Eschwege, Hesse (Germany). He studied Geology and Mineralogy at the Universities of Göttingen, Germany and Vienna, Austria. His professional experiences in project management and event administration contributed to the efficient organization of the art project.


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